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My Top Questions to Ask An Interior Designer Before Engaging Them

Designing the interior of your home should be fun! Without the expertise of an Interior Designer who has an understanding of interior spaces and how they flow, it can present many challenges for most people. Hiring an Interior Designer will remove the learning curve and allow you to renovate or build and buy the right investments to improve your home.

Engaging your Interior Designer on board early in the process is soooo important, so you avoid any re-design and variation fees. An example of this is establishing that the bed you have selected doesn’t actually fit in the bedroom. Or that the kitchen windows are off centre due to the architect designing from the outside in and not thinking about the interior flow.

But how do you decide on an Interior Designer that you can trust? Someone who is going to understand your expectations and achieve your desired outcome and respect your budget?

I recommend doing your research and making a shortlist of potential interior designers you like the look of via visiting their website and social media pages. From there, you can then arrange a phone call to discuss your project and get a feel for them and their business.

Below is a list of questions that I commonly get asked at the first meeting or on the phone for the first time when chatting with a new client.

How long have you been working as a interior designer?

I have looked at your website, are your projects all current? Are you able to share any other ones with me? Take a look at the Designer’s website and consider their time and experience in the industry.

What are your fee structures and how do you invoice?

This is a structured conversation, and each designer works differently. Actual numbers and fees as they relate to your project will be developed as you meet in person and discuss the overall project.

Do you have a degree in Interior Design?

It is important to note that some designers are naturally gifted to do interior decoration however interior design is slightly different as it involves creating sophisticated CAD drawings and documentation as well as hand sketches. These principles are taught to you in your respective course / degree.

Do you offer a complimentary meeting to discuss my project, or do you charge a fee? Most designers will charge to meet; however, some designers also deduct the initial meeting fee from the overall project cost if you end up engaging them.

How do you like to communicate?

Some like email, some like text messages and some prefer phone calls. Ensure any important conversations are followed up in writing.

What is your design process?

All interior designers work slightly differently however all follow the same process. The overall size of your project will dictate the process from start to finish. Click here to see our specific interior design process and how we operate.

How do you invoice?

Many clients dislike discussing the overall budget and designers often don't have enough information to provide a fee proposal until the design brief is established and a budget developed. As you discuss the project in person these answers will be defined.

If you still have questions or would like to know more, please reach out at

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