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Our Interior Design Process We Use With Every Client

The #interiordesign process can seem like a complicated one if you’re a newbie to the interior design space! And as a potentially new client, I wouldn’t expect you to be familiar with it. Nevertheless, I am here to tell you that it really is a stress-free experience, it’s what I do, day in and day out. And it is what I love.

Don’t get me wrong, every #interiordesigner will put their own twist on the design process and that is to be expected. It is important that you do your research before you engage an interior designer so that you know exactly what to expect along the journey.

I never stray from my established #designprocess because I know it inside out and it is proven to work, regardless of the size of the client’s project. By replicating the same framework with every client, I reduce any hassle and stress for not only them but also for myself. I know exactly what stages and structure needs to be followed to get an outstanding result. It keeps every project as easy, fast and affordable for you as it can be.

The journey we embark on together works best when you completely surrender yourself to the process, trust me it works! The interior design journey is always a bit of a team effort, however as the designer I’m in the driver’s seat. Let me drive and you can relax!

Below I want to explain my interior design process for you. I want to run you through every step we go through with clients, so you know everything we do from start to finish when we transform a home.

1. The Discovery Call

First, we have a chat to see if we are a good fit for each other. It is important to establish whether our services are exactly what you are looking for.

2. The Site Meeting

We arrange a time to visit your home and / or project site to discuss all the fun stuff! At this meeting we will touch on your design and style ideas (if known), the exact scope of works you require, your budget and your estimated project duration.

If you have an existing set of plans, we obtain a copy and also take some check measurements. After we have all this information, we can provide you with a fee proposal for our services.

3. Concept Design

Concept design commences upon contract execution.

We gather and refine initial ideas to form a unique design concept. Sketches, preliminary plans and finishes are presented to communicate design intent.

4. Colour & Materials Selection

All colour and material selections are finalised. This includes any fixtures (ie. taps) for the kitchen / bathroom etc.

A comprehensive sample board is provided to clients for future reference and guidance as we move through the project.

5. Custom Design & Documentation

We develop the concept design ideas and any custom joinery into a fully functional design solution. 3D visuals and working drawings are produced.

6. Furniture & Furnishings

Furniture selections are provided and approved via a series of showroom visits. Any window treatments, feature lighting, rugs, artwork and homewares are also finalised.

We then prepare a comprehensive specification package for your builder in order for the construction phase to commence.

7. Install & Styling

Now comes the fun part!

Following the completion of all construction works we install all furniture, rugs, artwork and accessories. Existing possessions are also integrated into the design.

Still have question on the interior design process?

I have no doubt that some of the above may have confused you even more, however the so-called method to my madness works really well and ensures we can transform any home easily and affordably. It minimises your stress and ensures we build trust with each other every step of the way.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out at or DM via

and I can address them for you.


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