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Timeless Ideas. Innovative Design.

Helping Australians create functional, considered and custom-designed solutions that reflect their personality.

Led by founder and director Kate Plemper, Interiors & Ko is a leading interior design studio based in the heart of Perth. Priding itself on creating an easy, fun, and painless design experience, Interiors & Ko aims to remove the stress from every design project, while instilling a sense of self in every home. The Interiors & Ko philosophy places the clients’ lived experience into the heart of every design, intertwining practical, profitable, and no-fuss design strategies to ensure the perfect build.

The Benefits of Working With Interiors + Ko 
At Interiors & Ko, we believe that having a strong collaborative and communicative process creates soulful, connected design. We tailor your involvement to ensure that you are absolutely comfortable - whether that is taking a front seat, or a backseat to the process.

Here is how we help you.

Professional Expertise & Experience

With 20 years of experience across the design, build and construction industry, it pays to have someone in the know.  Why?  Having my experience on board saves you time, money, mistakes & the ultimate stress that come with creating your dream home - why go through it when you don't have to?

Save Yourself Time & Money

Having a super experienced designer (like me!) on board helps avoid costly mistakes, and helps to make additions that will increase the value of your home.  Similarly, time is something you can't buy, or get back - let Interiors + Ko do the leg work and create a cost effective, high-return design - quickly.

Remove Stress From Your Home Transformation

We know the feeling all too well - building and renovation can be stressful.  At Interiors + Ko, our job is to remove the guesswork from your home transformation, creating a stylish, functional and profitable build, offering options that may not have come to mind on first thought.

Ready to get started?

We are beyond excited to help you design the build of your dreams.  Connect with us via a free Discovery Call to discuss your plans.

Design Services

Furniture & Styling 



Colour Consultation


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Interior Design Consultation



Full Service Interior Design


Ready to get started?

Our Interior Design services are tailored to your specific requirements ensuring that you achieve your dream home.  Connect with us via a free Discovery Call to discuss your plans.

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