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Are you building or renovating and feeling completely overwhelmed and frustrated?
You're not alone.

In this workshop I share the interior design secrets that I have learnt over the past 18 years in the industry!  This hands-on workshop will focus on textural elements and materiality, which will enable you to design your own interiors mood board & palette.


During the workshop you will also have the opportunity to discuss your own project and design concepts with me. You’ll walk away with your mood-board, tray, materials used, endless inspiration and specialist advice.


I provide everything you’ll need to create your mood board, lots of design tips and strategies, coffee and tea, snacks and loads of fun with like-minded people!  If you’re planning to renovate, decorate or simply want to refresh the look of your home, then this masterclass is for you!

So many clients tell me...

* They are feeling overwhelmed by making decisions.

* They are struggling to find their own style.

* They lack confidence when it comes to interior design and styling.

* They want to create the WOW factor in their own home.

* They're scattered and don't know where to start.

If this is you, I understand completely.
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